Unveiling the Makers of Gravy Train Dog Food

When it comes to canine nutrition, Gravy Train dog food has become a household name due to its prominence in the pet food industry. In this article, we’re unraveling the mystery behind the makers of this beloved dog food brand.

The Beginning of a Brand: Gravy Train’s foundation

Gravy Train was introduced in the 1950s by General Foods. The brand originally sought to set a new standard in the dog food market. Its unique selling point was its gravy, which formed upon the addition of warm water to the kibble, revolutionizing the then predominantly dry dog food market.

The Makers of Gravy Train – Big Heart Pet Brands

Gravy Train is currently owned by Big Heart Pet Brands, a subsidiary of The J.M. Smucker Company. Big Heart Pet Brands was known as Del Monte Foods’ Pet Products division before it was renamed in 2014. Today, Big Heart Pet Brands produces some of the most recognized names in the pet food industry, with Gravy Train being a key player in their lineup.

Why Your Furry Friends love Gravy Train

Gravy Train stands out from the crowd with its unique gravy feature. Traditionally, dog food has been either dry or wet, with each having its advantages. While dry kibble is convenient and has a longer shelf life, wet food tends to be more flavorful and hydrates pets. By simply adding warm water to Gravy Train kibble, dog owners can offer their pets the best of both worlds: the crunchy texture of dry dog food and the rich aroma and taste of wet food.

Nutritional Value of Gravy Train

Gravy Train dog food, apart from its delicious gravy feature, is recognized for offering well-balanced nutrition for dogs. It includes high-quality protein, an essential component to support overall canine health, from muscle development to a healthy skin and coat. The brand also incorporates wholesome grains and vegetables into their formulas.

The Gravy Train Product Range

Offering a variety of products, Gravy Train caters to all tastes, breeds, and ages of dogs. The product range includes dry food, canned wet food, treats, and snacks. The brand utilizes real beef or chicken in their primary recipes, making it an appetizing feast for dogs.

Quality Assurance

The safety and quality of its brands’ products are highly prioritized by Big Heart Pet Brands. Rigorous quality checks are performed on the raw ingredients, during manufacturing, and before distribution. Gravy Train dog food is made in the USA, and it complies with all the stringent food safety regulations.

Controversies and Challenges

While Gravy Train is largely popular, it’s not been without controversy. In early 2018, traces of euthanasia drugs were found in its products. However, the brand maintained that the levels detected were non-toxic to pets and within the FDA’s permissible limits. This incident nonetheless marred the brand’s reputation, resulting in class action lawsuits and withdrawal of products from some retailers.

The Future of Gravy Train

Despite the challenges, Gravy Train continues to thrive in the pet food market, thanks to its dedicated customer base and the brand’s commitment to pet health and satisfaction. With continuous product innovation, rigorous quality control, and a keen focus on pet nutrition, the future of Gravy Train looks promising.


In summary, behind every packet of Gravy Train dog food, there is a history of dedication and commitment to providing pets with tasty and nourishing meals. The brand, under the management of Big Heart Pet Brands, seeks to continue its tradition of keeping dogs happy, healthy, and energized with flavorsome meals they can’t resist.

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