Discover the Charm of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever: A Breed Profile

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, also known as the “Toller,” is a medium-sized breed that hails from the province of Nova Scotia in Canada. This breed is known for its striking coat, lively personality, and keen hunting instincts. The Toller was originally bred to lure ducks within range of hunters, hence the name “duck tolling.”


The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is a beautiful and athletic breed with a sturdy build. They have a medium-length double coat that is water-repellent and can come in various shades of red and orange. Tollers have white markings on their chest, feet, and tail tip which add to their striking appearance. They have a feathery tail that curls over their back when they are excited or alert. Tollers have a fox-like expression with expressive eyes and a sweet smile that can melt anyone’s heart.


The Toller is known for its friendly and outgoing personality. They are intelligent, energetic, and eager to please. Tollers are excellent family dogs that get along well with children and other pets. They are known for their social nature and love to be a part of family activities. They are loyal companions that enjoy spending time with their loved ones.

Tollers are extremely intelligent and enjoy having a job to do. They excel in obedience and agility training and also make great hunting partners. Tollers have a strong retrieving instinct and enjoy playing fetch or participating in sports like dock diving or flyball. They are versatile dogs that can adapt to various activities and thrive on mental and physical stimulation.


The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is a highly trainable breed that is eager to learn and please its owner. However, they can be stubborn and independent at times, so consistent and positive reinforcement training is essential. Tollers respond well to reward-based training methods and enjoy challenges that keep them engaged and mentally stimulated. Early socialization is also crucial to ensure that Tollers grow up to be well-adjusted and confident dogs.


Tollers are high-energy dogs that require daily exercise to keep them happy and healthy. They enjoy long walks, runs, and hikes with their owners and also benefit from interactive play sessions and training activities. Additionally, Tollers thrive on mental stimulation and enjoy puzzle toys and interactive games that help keep their minds sharp.


The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is a relatively healthy breed with a life expectancy of 12-14 years. However, like all breeds, Tollers are prone to certain health conditions, including hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, and autoimmune diseases. Responsible breeders screen their breeding stock for these conditions to reduce the risk of passing them on to offspring. Regular veterinary check-ups, a balanced diet, and regular exercise are essential to ensure the health and well-being of a Toller.


The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever has a moderate shedding coat that requires regular grooming to keep it looking its best. Tollers should be brushed at least once a week to remove loose hair and prevent matting. Bathing should be done as needed, and they should have their nails trimmed regularly to prevent overgrowth. Additionally, regular dental care is essential to maintain good oral health and prevent dental issues.


In conclusion, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is a charming and versatile breed that is sure to capture the hearts of dog lovers everywhere. With their stunning appearance, friendly personality, and outstanding abilities, Tollers make excellent family companions, hunting partners, and performance dogs. If you are looking for a loving and energetic breed that will keep you entertained and on your toes, the Toller may be the perfect choice for you. Consider adding a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever to your family and discover the joy and excitement that this exceptional breed has to offer.

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