The Real Cost of Board and Train Services for Dogs

Deciding on a training format for your furry friend can be a challenging process. Board and train services have become increasingly popular for busy pet owners, but understanding the true costs of these programs is essential before making a decision. In this article, we will examine the actual costs associated with board and train services for dogs.

Understanding Board and Train Services

Before diving into the costs, it’s crucial to understand what board and train services entail. These programs involve sending your pet away to a dog training facility where they live alongside professional trainers. Your dog will be trained in various skills and behaviors throughout their stay, which usually lasts between two to four weeks.

Factors Influencing the Price of Board and Train Services

The price of board and train services varies significantly, and the average cost can be anywhere between $500 to $2500 per week. Various factors influence the pricing of these services:

1. The Reputation of the Facility

Top-rated facilities with a solid reputation for producing well-behaved dogs may charge a higher price. These facilities often have experienced and certified trainers.

2. The Duration of the Stay

Most board and train programs usually last two to four weeks. The longer your dog stays and the more intensely they are trained, the higher the cost will be.

3. The Age and Breed of the Dog

Certain breeds are more difficult to train than others or may have specific behavioral issues that need to be addressed. Similarly, older dogs may require more time to learn new habits and behaviors than puppies. These factors can lead to higher training costs.

4. The Specific Skills or Behaviors Being Taught

Some training can be particularly challenging and time-consuming, such as addressing aggressive behavior, leash pulling, or training a dog for a specific skill like hunting or assistance work. If your dog requires specialized training, the cost will likely be higher.

Benefits of Board and Train Services

Despite the cost, some significant benefits could make board and train services a good investment for dog owners. Let’s explore some of these benefits:

1. Intensive Training

Dogs in these programs can receive multiple hours of direct training, practice, and reinforcements each day. This type of intensive training could lead to quicker and more effective results.

2. Consistency Is Key

Dogs thrive on consistency. With board and train services, dogs receive consistent training, which can help speed up the learning process and enhance results.

3. Saves Time for Dog Owners

Balancing work, family, and dog training can sometimes be overwhelming. With board and train services, busy dog owners can ensure their pets receive proper training without needing to carve out additional time from their busy schedules.

4. Follow-Up Support

Many board and train services offer follow-up support, which can include check-in visits, phone calls, or even private lessons to ensure that the training sticks. This post-program support contributes towards the total cost and value received from the board and train services.

Is a Board and Train Service Worth It?

Whether board and train services are worth the cost is a complex decision that depends on personal factors. It’s worth considering the time you can dedicate to training, your budget, and your dog’s training needs.


Weighing the costs and benefits of board and train services, while understanding what influences the pricing, is an essential step towards making the best decision for you and your furry friend. While the immediate costs can seem significant, the potential for high-quality and consistent training may make these services a worthwhile investment for dog owners with demanding schedules or dogs with more complex training needs.

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