Decoding the Price Tag: Brandon McMillan’s Dog Training Fees

If you’re a dog lover, you’re likely familiar with the name Brandon McMillan. The famous dog trainer and television host has made a name for himself, training some of the most problematic dogs and transforming them into well-behaved pets. This article dives deep into the costs associated with McMillan’s dog training services. Understand why his fees are set at the levels they are and what you can expect from your investment.

Who is Brandon McMillan?

Brandon McMillan is a renowned American animal trainer and television presenter, best known for his CBS television show “Lucky Dog”. In this show, he rescues hard-to-love, untrained dogs and transforms them in just a short period. Apart from the award-winning series, McMillan has worked in the animal training industry for films and television for years, cementing his reputation.

Understanding McMillan’s Training Philosophy

Before we break down the figures, it’s essential to understand McMillan’s training philosophy. His approach is based on building a bond of trust and respect with the dog, using positive reinforcement techniques. He focuses on the dog’s history and behavior to create a unique training plan for every dog he trains.

How Much Does Brandon McMillan’s Dog Training Cost?

Given his expertise and reputation, Brandon McMillan’s dog training costs can be quite steep compared to other dog trainers. It’s difficult to place an exact figure since the cost varies depending on the arrangement. However, it’s not uncommon for McMillan’s training tuition to cost several thousand dollars. He offers private lessons, group training, and even schooling where the dog stays with him for an intensive training program.

Private Lessons

Private lessons with McMillan cater to those who prefer a more hands-on approach. You and your dog will gain direct access to the specialist skills and techniques McMillan has honed over his career. In such a setting, you can expect to pay high costs, potentially over $1,000 per session.

Group Training

For those looking for a less-costly option, McMillan offers group training. These group sessions offer socialization benefits for the dogs, and the cost is divided among the group, making it more affordable. These typically cost a few hundred dollars per session.

Board and Train Program

McMillan’s board and train program is inarguably the priciest. In this program, your dog will live in Brandon’s training facility for several weeks, depending on the needs of the dog and the goals of the training. Prices for board and train programs can run into several thousand dollars.

Why are Brandon McMillan’s Dog Training Fees High?

If you’re balking at these figures, it’s essential to consider the reasons behind such costs. McMillan brings unique elements to the table that warrant these fees.

Reputation and Demand

Brandon McMillan’s reputation as an exceptional dog trainer is undeniable. His ability to transform behaviors in problem dogs is sought by many clients, leading to a high demand for his services and, therefore, higher fees.

Unique Training Programs

The uniqueness of McMillan’s training approach and his commitment to tailored programs for every dog contribute to the value you get for your money. This level of detail and personalization is reflected in the price.

Resource Intensive

McMillan’s training methods are intensive and necessitate a high level of engagement. Whether it’s a private lesson or a boarding program, the time, effort, and resources spent on each training session justify the price tag.


While the cost might seem high, the value of having a well-trained and obedient pet is priceless for many. Brandon McMillan’s dog training might be high in terms of price, but it’s also high in terms of the quality, experience, and outcomes you can expect.


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