Crunching the Numbers: What Cesar Millan’s Dog Training Will Cost You

Self-proclaimed dog whisperer, Cesar Millan, has turned dog training into a lucrative business throughout his career. Known for his sophisticated techniques and uncanny understanding of dogs, Millan’s training programs continue to gain popularity among dog owners aiming to maintain harmonious relationships with their dogs. This article aims to demystify the costs associated with Millan’s dog training sessions.

Background: Who is Cesar Millan?

For the uninitiated, Cesar Millan is an internationally renowned dog behaviorist who’s gained fame through his television show, “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan”. Born in Mexico, Millan migrated to the US, where his unique dog handling skills captured the imaginations, as well as the hearts, of dog owners around the world. However, his coveted dog training does bear a hefty price attached to it.

Overview of Cesar Millan’s Dog Training

‘A calm, assertive approach’ – that’s Millan’s mantra when it comes to training dogs. His training programs touch on numerous aspects that are important throughout a dog’s life – from puppyhood to elderly life. Millennials’ Training Center offers training sessions, lectures, and one-on-one classes ranging from obedience training to behavioral correction. How much you’ll be paying for these can significantly vary based on the specifics.

Understanding the Costs

Much like education, there’s no one-size-fits-all for dog training as every dog is unique and will respond differently to varying training methods. Let’s dive into the numbers to better understand the costs associated with Cesar Millan’s dog training.

Group Classes

These classes are where your dogs get to socialize and learn together. Each group class typically includes 10-25 dogs and lasts around 4-6 weeks, costing around $150-$200 per dog.

One-On-One Sessions

These individual sessions give your dog the undivided attention of Millan and his trainers. They’re specifically designed to address specific behavioral issues, with prices generally starting at $500 for one session.

Training and Rehabilitation Programs

This is the ultimate package where a dog spends weeks at Millan’s Training Center. The dog is trained, rehabilitated, and treated until it’s ready to return home. These programs start from around $2,000, but the prices can go up, depending on the dog’s needs and the program’s length.

The Value Behind the Prices

Though the numbers may seem steep, it’s worth considering the value they offer. With Cesar Millan’s training, you’re not just paying for the sessions; you’re learning a philosophy, a way of life. This philosophy allows you to maintain a deeper connection with your pet, improving both your lives significantly.

Is It Worth The Investment?

Finally, the hot question on everyone’s mind: is investing in Cesar Millan’s dog training worth it?

If peace of mind, a well-behaved pet and a harmonious household is what you’re seeking, the answer is yes. The skills imbued into your dog during these sessions will last a lifetime. Moreover, the training also serves to educate the owners, providing them with essential knowledge and skills to understand their pets better.


There’s no denying that Cesar Millan’s dog training comes with a premium price tag. But, given the long-term benefits, the costs may simply be an investment in a happier, more harmonious life with your pet. So, when crunching the numbers and considering whether to invest in Cesar Millan’s dog training, don’t forget to weigh these intangible benefits alongside the costs.

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